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Membership Benefits:

    1. Networking Opportunities: Members often have access to exclusive events, conferences, and seminars where they can connect with fellow professionals, share knowledge, and establish valuable contacts within the fire safety community.

    2. Professional Development: Membership can provide access to training programs, workshops, and certifications, helping members enhance their skills and stay updated on the latest advancements in fire safety techniques, codes, and regulations.

    3. Information and Resources: Members typically receive timely updates on industry news, legislative changes, and best practices. They might also gain access to a wealth of resources such as research papers, case studies, and reports related to fire safety and emergency response.

    4. Advocacy and Representation: OFMA often advocate for their members' interests at the legislative and regulatory levels. Being a member means having a collective voice in shaping policies that affect the fire safety profession and its practitioners.

    5. Discounts and Benefits: OFMA offers exclusive discounts on CEU events related to fire safety, including two annual conferences. These discounts can help members save on professional expenses.

    6. Recognition and Awards: Associations frequently recognize outstanding achievements and contributions in the field of fire safety through awards and honors. Being a member increases the likelihood of being eligible for these accolades, which can enhance professional reputation and credibility.

    Please help us by providing current information!

    We are asking all new and existing members to apply for a membership and create their own profile.  We apologize for any inconvenience, and we hope that this extra effort up front will pay off in the long run!

    Rather than using old data that may not be reliable, we are asking for your help so we have accurate information.  We have included some application questions that are not required that allow each member the chance to provide information that is important to them.  

    Important Info for Application and Renewals:

    • We recommend selecting the "INVOICE ME" option at the end of the member registration process.  This option will allow you to start the registration process without paying right away.  This will generate an invoice and the information needed to pay by check or online, depending on the needs of your organization.
    • New membership/membership renewal fees are not refundable.  Memberships are not transferable to other people or agencies.
    • The membership year runs from July 1 to June 30th.  Membership benefits apply during the membership year that dues are paid in.

    Do you need help with the membership application process or making a payment?

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    Nominations are due a minimum of 60 days prior to the OFMA ABM, check event page for dates.  

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