OFMA Members,

The following items will be brought forth for consideration and a vote at the 2016 OFMA Annual Conference.  If you have any questions, please direct them to OFMA President, Tom Bohm at tom@ofma.net.

Vote to become a section of Oregon Fire Chiefs Association:

The Oregon Fire Chiefs Association (OFCA), in recognition of OFMA’s many recent accomplishments and professional growth, has invited the OFMA to become a section of the OFCA.  Your Board of Directors has considered this invitation and believes it will continue to provide OFMA with a more effective voice in the legislative process and a seat at the table with other fire service entities when decisions are made that will impact the public safety community.  Your Board is pleased to submit our favorable recommendation to our membership for a vote during our Annual Conference in March in Newport, Oregon.

Vote to increase Oregon Fire Marshals Association Membership Dues:

After careful consideration and review of the resources required in representing our members, the OFMA Board of Directors, has determined that a small increase in membership dues is essential to continue the services currently offered and see the growth that the current Board envisions for the association.  Membership dues have not been increased for over 10 years while the cost of doing business has continually trended upwards.  Your Board of Directors has considered the needs of Fire Marshals throughout the state of Oregon for representation and training and believes a $15.00 annual membership dues increase is necessary at this time.   Your Board will be submitting a recommendation to our membership for a vote during our Annual Conference in March in Newport, Oregon.

Oregon Fire Marshals Association Mission and Vision

“The mission of the Oregon Fire Marshals Association is to provide support and coordination for education, engineering, and enforcement related to fire prevention and safety for the State of Oregon.”
“The vision of the Oregon Fire Marshals Association is to support the fire service by providing education, forums for discussion and information, and identifying current fire and life safety issues, as well as, assisting in targeted campaigns in order to make our State safe.”

OFMA Membership Survey Results

2014-2015 Goals

Goal #1:  Support and promote Statewide educational opportunities.

Goal #2:  Improve financial status and develop ongoing funding sources.

Goal #3:  Develop and maintain effective relationships with strategic partners.

Goal #4:  Support the development of new and existing Board members.

Goal #5:  Champion and support fire and life safety issues and campaigns statewide.

Goal #6:  Seek and provide added value to OFMA membership.

Goal #7:  Promote and communicate key issues that impact fire prevention and life safety.