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2018 ABM Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Johnson Controls Johnson Controls fire suppression solutions deliver an unmatched range of suppression systems, extinguishing agents, fire sprinklers and valves, design software, piping products, fittings, and fire-fighting equipment. We leverage our global scale and deep expertise to drive innovation, advance safety and solve the unique challenges of customers around the world. Visit to learn more.

Silver Sponsors

TNT Fireworks Oval Logo

TNT Fireworks  TNT FIREWORKS is the largest retailer of consumer fireworks in the state of Oregon as well as the United States. TNT Fireworks works with local community groups to help provide the best fund raiser available for the nonprofit organizations in our community. TNT Fireworks provides safe, fun, and legal fireworks to the consumers in the state of Oregon and the United States.


1-800-BOARDUP 1-800-BOARDUP is a values-focused organization that provides comprehensive recovery services for fire victims in need. While each office is independently owned and operated, 1-800-BOARDUP is the largest franchise company that specializes in emergency response services for disasters.  If you or anyone you know is ever in need of disaster emergency services, contact us at 1-800-262-7387 (1-800-BOARDUP). For more information visit

The National Fire Sprinkler Association The National Fire Sprinkler Association provides training, technical expertise, and support for those who work with fire sprinklers.  Our members include fire sprinkler contractors, manufacturers and suppliers, as well as fire and building code officials. If you would like to sponsor a fire sprinkler training in your jurisdiction, learn more about NFSA membership, or have any other questions, please contact NFSA’s Northwest Regional Manager, Suzanne Mayr, at or (253) 208-8467.


Over forty years ago, a unique concept in rapid access for emergency response was born. The KnoxBox™, a high-security key lock box, was designed to provide rapid access for emergency responders to reduce response times, protect property and reduce injuries from forced entry. Today, one revolutionary lock box has grown into a complete system providing rapid access solutions for public safety agencies, industries, military, and property owners across the world. One such solution is FDC Protection.

About Knox Protection Solutions
In the event of fire, minimizing damage and injuries starts with a building’s fire sprinkler system. Knox FDC Locks protect FDCs from getting clogged, damaged or vandalized, ensuring first responders are able to quickly access and supplement fire sprinklers in an emergency.

Trust Knox FDC Locks to protect what matters, when it matters.

To learn more, visit or call 855-GET-KNOX (855-438-5669).


The Compliance Engine The Compliance Engine is a simple, web-based service for Fire Prevention Bureaus to track and drive code compliance, reduce false alarm activity, and provide safer communities through third party inspection reporting and maintenance.

TCE works for you: collecting, organizing and categorizing the third party inspection reports. Track all your buildings life safety systems, know who is compliant, who is deficient, and make more informed decisions that keep firefighters and citizens safe.

TCE connects contractors–who inspect, test, and maintain fire protections systems–directly to the Authority Having Jurisdiction. Gain a proactive, efficient process to review reports, track deficiencies, notify parties, and ensure compliance.